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Inversion relieves back pain with better posture and greater spinal mobility.Inversion therapy has been used as a treatment for back pain and a variety of other conditions for thousands of years.

Most importantly, all the inversion tables have common features which include, ankle system called Ergo-Embrace.In some cases, the inversion table requires the help of a second person so that the individual will be hanged properly.The system is an inversion table that provides therapy for users which provides outstanding results.Unlike other systems, this inversion chair is designed to give users maximum benefit without aggravating their injuries or back pains any further.Inversion tables are often used by people who are struggling with back pain.

It is suggested that the stretch to the muscles while inverted allowed the circulation to enter the sore muscle, bringing oxygen-rich blood inversion therapy also stimulated the lymph system to clear the muscle of the toxin build-up.The goal is to reverse the compression of gravity on the spine to relieve painful muscle spasms caused by spinal disc compression.

Inversion therapy is a natural way to relieve back pain, increase circulation and reduce stress and tension on the body.

Explore our selection of best-rated Teeter Inversion Tables, accessories, stretching, massage, and recovery equipment.Millions of people today suffer from back pain due to various back problems.

The padded, half-circle assist handles are easy to grasp with a linkage between the bed and the handles that leverages your weight to make your inversion transitions smoother with less strength.

Inversion therapy helps your body to recover from the compressive effects of gravity and daily activities.Inversion therapy is an exercise where a person hangs upside-down, whether completely or in an angled position, so as to decompress the spine and stretch the vertebrae, letting spinal fluid regenerate and, in result, eliminating back pain.However, it is a non-invasive treatment method which may be used in conjunction with most medications.Inversion therapy is a safe and effective way to bring you back pain relief, improve body posture, and increase blood circulation.This stamina seated therapy system chair and inversion table is beneficial for relieving your back from any pain it may endure.You can feel the benefits of an inversion session when you get off: reduced stress, a stimulated lymphatic system, sounder sleep is a big bonus, more flexibility, increased energy plus inversion therapy is natural.

Inversion therapy is one example of the many ways in which stretching the spine (spinal traction) has been used in an attempt to relieve back pain.

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The IronMan ATIS (AB Inversion Training System) 1000 provides the additional benefit of AB training while inverting.

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